Future Lost Worlds

Future Lost Worlds

Facilitation of a youth engagement project with Mission Australia and City of Perth to beautify Via Torre laneway. Funding secured from the WA Police to work toward graffiti mitigation whilst encouraging participants to engage in a positive, legal art project, refraining from graffiti vandalism. Spray paint was not to be used.

Artists worked with the support of the team from Mission Australia to engage young people to develop designs based on the “Future Lost Worlds” theme. The theme explored climate change through global warming, sea level rise, mutant animal species and nature claiming back the city streets.

Our approach to painting considered the scale of the laneway, obstacles such as high walls,  gates, rollers doors and back entries to restaurants, bars and businesses and the residents who live opposite. Delivery trucks, garbage bins and the intense February heat were also a challenge.

The resulting work is an extensive mural treatment of an inner city location that brings much needed colour, imagery and an engaging narrative to a dirty and ugly back lane. Business owenrs and residents alike were very appreciative of our efforts.

A celeberation event was held to unveil the mural with representatives form WA Police, City of Perth, Mission Australia, the media and Perth City Mayor Basil Zempilas in attendance.